Different Types of Coffee Makers: Which is Right for You?

Coffee making is an elegant process where actual quantity and proper brewing techniques is used. Coffee machine entirely depends on the lifestyle and the type of coffee you like. We understand that choosing a right machine may become difficult for you; this article may help you out to find out your need.

As there are many types of coffee maker available in the market with different brewing procedure. So, let us take a closer look of the procedures followed behind the different coffee makers.

1. Drip Coffee Makers

This is a pretty simple machine to use. Drip coffee maker is ideal for those who drink filter coffee. Drip or filter coffee making method originated from Germany in 1954. Mainly people go for paper filter but some say it gives papery taste. Actually paper filter absorb the extracted oil which helps to give a wonderful taste to coffee whereas metal filters do not.

2. Thermal Coffee Makers

Thermal coffee maker is directly related to the insulated carafe. The main difference between the Coffee maker and Thermal coffee maker is that the coffee is straightly directed in the Thermal carafe which helps to maintain the temperature of coffee for a long time without losing its aroma and taste whereas in normal Coffee Maker the coffee leaded directly to the cup or glass carafe which sooner or later will make your coffee cool and not eligible for drinking. It’s always better to choose thermal coffee makers. They will help to protect the aroma and bliss of your brewed coffee.

3. Espresso machines

While home espresso machines can cost a little more than other types of household brewers and can tend to be more finicky and labor-intense, it can be worth it to the die-hard espresso lover if you get your technique down pat and are able to successfully extract the rich, delicious shots of brew like your favorite coffee shop.

4. Percolators

Percolators are fun to watch and to listen to as they steam away during the brewing process. They also tend to produce a consistently hearty and flavorful pot of coffee. Percolators were largely replaced by drip brewers in many households, probably due to having more parts to assemble and clean than drip brewers.

5. French Press Coffee Makers

When you really need a super strong coffee in less time, this is the best to have. Though French press is also known as Press Pot, Coffee Press, Coffee Plunger, Cafetiere or Cafetiere a piston so there is no need to worry as they work on the same principle. According to WikiPedia French press was exposed in 1958 in France. This technique is widely used in Northern Europe and it is the best portable and self contained device which you can use to brew a perfect pleasurable coffee.

French press is the simplest way to get a good cup of coffee. Hot water is poured into it with the coarsely grounded coffee for brewing. Then the combination is stirred and marinated for 3 to 5 minutes before slowly stabbing the plunger affixed with wire mash which filters the residue. You will find small amount of sediment remaining as paper filter is not used in it but will fill you up with a great, dark coffee. I personally use it as it offers me a strong character of coffee.

6. AeroPress

The AeroPress looks like a giant syringe and allows the user to make unusually smooth espresso-like coffees by hand without an expensive and cumbersome machine. The Aeropress is simple to use, easy to clean, and small enough to take with you on your travels.

7. Siphon Coffee Makers

Siphon coffee makers, also known as vacuum pot coffee makers, may not be very practical for everyday use due to their many fragile parts and the unusual amount of time and labor that goes into brewing each pot. Many siphon pot users swear by the unusually great-tasting coffee that they produce. The siphon pot is also great as a showpiece when entertaining and brewing for house guests.

8. Cold Brew Coffee Maker

The cold brew coffee maker is an easy and reliable brewer that consistently produces a uniquely delicious coffee concentrate that can be refrigerated for later use. Also known as “cold water extract,” cold brew coffee can be diluted and poured over ice or heated like regular coffee. It’s known for producing a less acidic brew than other types of devices.

9. Moka Pot Coffee Makers (stovetop)

The Moka pot is a simple and cost-effective alternative to a full-blown home espresso machine. It produces a thick, rich and flavorful brew that goes great with creamers, flavored syrups or frothy steamed milk. The Moka pot is also a favorite brewing device of campers who enjoy brewing on a camping stove or over the fire.

10. Vietnamese Coffee Maker

If you like your coffee sweet and cold over ice, this may be the coffee brewer for you. Vietnamese coffee typically includes the addition of condensed milk or cream and sugar to achieve the perfect cup of rich, sweet iced coffee.

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