Google’s Project Jacquard now on Levi’s jackets

Levi’s is announcing new jackets with Google’s Project Jacquard technology, which turns a portion of the fabric on the sleeve into a touch-sensitive remote control for phones. Both versions are less expensive and much more like the original versions of the Levi’s jackets they’re based on than the first Jacquard Commuter Trucker Jacket, which Levi’s released two years ago.

The standard Trucker Jacket will be $198, and a Sherpa Jacket, which adds insulation for colder weather, will be $248. They should also be more widely available than the Commuter Jacket in many Levi’s retail channels and on its website.

You can program up to four different swipes and taps to do a dozen or so different actions, like play/pause music, silence your phone, drop a pin on a map, or set your phone to read off the time or your appointments. You can also use it to have your phone give you details about your Uber or toggle noise cancellation on Bose headphones.

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